My thoughts on the latest episode of Sherlock, A Sign of Three

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I can’t believe I haven’t seen this today

Did everyone in the US forget what day it is?


It’s 221B Day ^_^


I paused Sherlock and I am fucking crying


I paused Sherlock and I am fucking crying

Shuffle Your Ipod,The Title to Each Song is Your Reaction to Meeting Each of the Following…

Your reaction to meeting…

Dean Winchester:Say You Like Me - We The Kings

Sam Winchester: We Are Unbreakable - Hedley

Doctor Who/ Tennant: The Greatest Song Ever Written - Beth Crowley

Doctor Who/ Smith:Josey - Hey Monday

Sherlock Holmes: Spirit In The Sky - Norman Greenbaum

John Watson:It Will Rain - Bruno Mars

Any of the Avengers(Iron Man, Cpt. America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye):
1)That’s What I’m Here For - Jason Castro
2)We Are Young - Fun
3)Open Up To Me - New County
4)Taken - One Direction
5)Hey Soul Sister - Train
6)How You Love Me Now - Hey Monday  

Loki:In Your Arms - Kina Grannis

Phil Coulson:What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

Merlin:My Boy Lollipop - Brenda Lee

Prince/King Arther:Barrel of a Gun - Guster

Obi-Won-Kenobi:Celebrity Status - Marianas Trench

Luke Skywalker:Beautiful - Hedley

Anakin Skywalker: Celebrity Status (acoustic) - Marianas Trench

Yoda: Nanana - One Direction

The Cast of Scrubs:Masterpiece Theater III - Marianas Trench

The Cast of Harry Potter: In Christ Alone - Owl City

Josh (from Being Human):It Girl - New County (cover)

Aiden (from Being Human):10,000 Midnights Ago - The Spill Canvas

I think the most accurate ones would have to be for Tennant and Captain America.

If I left someone out feel free to add them ^_^ Have fun.



Just had to share this video from the hilarious and awesome Alex Day. I was going through my back catalog of youtube subscription videos and found this. I love it, esp. the bit about the bank being awesome and incredibly sweet, in a way, and the lost and found office!


30 Day Challenge Day 3 (i’ve skipped a few days, but i’ll try to be consistant)

At 8 am this morning, my alarm went off (Dalek’s screaming Exterminate!) and i turned it off because I essentially didn’t have to be up until 9, so I went back to sleep. at about 9:15 I forced myself to rise out of the bed and get dressed. I still had time before I had to be in class, i got online for a little bit to check my tumblr, as always it was filled with Sherlock and Doctor Who posts. At 9:25 I shut down my laptop and put it in my bag. I put my shoes on, grabbed my coat and an apple, put my bag over my shoulder and left the room at about 9:30 with ten minutes to get to class.

On the way to my first class of the day, US History 2, I shed my coat because it turned out to be about 60 degrees outside and quite windy, it was nice. I finished my apple and dropped the core on the ground (they decompose, it’s not littering). I pressed the button to open the doors manually for people that use wheel chairs, because otherwise they just don’t open. I opened a door and ascended two flights of steps. I entered my classroom and walked to the far side next to the windows and sat down, I pulled out my laptop and opened Microsoft word to take notes. The professor walked in, took role, and at 9:43 began teaching using the overhead. Since it was windy outside and the window was opened, the door he had left open slammed shut, he blamed it on ghosts.

At the end of class at 10:45, I turned off my laptop, put it in my bag, zipped it up, grabbed my coat and exited the room. I descended the two flights of stairs then went down another flight of stairs on the opposite side which I entered the building, and exited through glass doors. The wind blew my hair wildly as I walked toward the University Center. I ascended stairs and entered the UC through automatic doors, I immediately went to the bathroom… for reasons… then I went into the eating area and got a fresh salad with Tomatoes, Eggs, Green Onions, Cheddar Cheese, Turkey, and Ranch. 

As I ate my salad, my friend Devan walked up and I invited him to sit with me, we talked and I showed him a picture I thought was really funny that matched another of our friends perfectly. He then had to go to class so I went up to the technology hub and watched Once Upon a Time.

After that, I decided to go outside, as I was leaving, I ran into my friend Jordan, he asked what I was doing and I told him I was going to the bathroom (I had the sudden urge to go at that moment). Jordan looked at me funny for a moment then told me he had to work in ten minutes and was wasting time by taking a walk, we then parted ways. After I left the bathroom and exited the UC, I noticed it had gotten a lot warmer, I believe it was in the 70s. I walked out and sat under a large tree with a half stone wall halfway around it. I sat there for a moment listening to my ipod and feeling the very strong breeze. My friend Sreedhar, and Indian guy who can be rather annoying but still cool, came and sat next to me and we talked about Underworld and I showed him my nails because I had put glue ons on the night before and I wanted to show them off. His phone rang and he started talking to this guy that eventually joined us under the tree, we talked about how we wanted to fly kites.

They both left so I got my Complete Novels and stories of Sherlock Holmes: Vol.1  out of my bag and read a few pages. I was then interrupted by my friends Rio and Lillian and her boyfriend. We all talked about stuff then I had to go to my Sociology class which started at  2:40. It was in the same building as my last class and on the same floor. I walked in and sat next to the windows, which were opened. My teacher came in after me and turned on the overhead, she told us to get out a sheet of paper and write down something we had read in the book about the chapter, I of course had not read the chapter. She started the power point and class commenced. It was boring, stuff happened, I didn’t want to be there.

When class ended at 4, I made my way back to my dorm, enjoying the weather, and went to my room. It was really hot in there so I opened the curtains some and opened the window to let some cool air in. I turned on my laptop and played around on tumblr and Facebook then around 6 I decided I wanted to go eat so I left with my bag, leaving my laptop on my bed. In the Fresh Food (its not really fresh food, it’s really disgusting) I ran into my friends Megan and Michael, I ate with them for a while then they had to leave so I migrated to sit with my friends Angel, Quay, and Isaiah, they were talking about politics. I got a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch then I said my goodbyes and headed to the theater building for my oral communications class. I listened to my ipod as I walked and danced the whole way.

The university is putting on the play The Phantom of the Opera, so it was really crowded. I made my way to my classroom and sat down. My teacher spoke for a while then the speeches started, they are how to make food speeches and the people doing their speeches had to bring in dishes of the food they are telling us how to make. After all the speeches were done we got to eat the food, it was all soo good.

I put my headphones back in and left for my dorm.

Now I sit here typing this for people who may or may not be interested in reading this. If you are then cool, we should be friends :)